Codon Devices


  • Molecular Biology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Biotechnology & Bio-Energy
  • Agriculture


Molecular Biology

Building and utilizing genetic constructs is the core of molecular biology, and is key to important efforts to develop vaccines and other medical advances. Codon Devices' technology revolutionizes the field in two critical ways. Read More >


Improved  therapeutic protein development.   Engineer therapeutic proteins to improve properties such as stability, potency, binding affinity, and immunogenicity.

Typically, site-directed and random mutagenesis are used to elucidate biological processes, determine protein structure, and develop screening assays, research reagents, and protein drugs. Codon technology vastly expands the possibilities by providing thousands of site-directed mutants of each protein of interest at a fraction of the effort and cost of manual site-directed mutagenesis. Read More >

Industrial Biology & Energy

DNA research in energy and industry offer important societal benefits, from more efficient and environmentally friendly fuels, to microbes engineered to consume toxic wastes. Codon Devices' technology is helping advance these efforts in several areas. Read More >


Precision trait engineering.   Enhance plant genetic traits by engineering at the kilobase- to megabase-scale—more efficiently than traditional breeding. 

Many important crop traits, such as yield and resistance to drought, are genetically encoded.  Improvement of such traits for maximum performance typically involves mutagenesis and breeding, both of which are uncertain and require significant time.  Codon Devices' ability to generate a precise set of variants allows diversity to be generated rationally and decreases dramatically the time required to reach trait improvement objectives. Read More >

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