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  • Molecular Biology
    • Basic Research
    • Structural/Functional Genomics
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Improved  Therapeutic Protein Development
    • Natural & Engineered Therapeutic Production
    • Rapid Response Vaccines
  • Industrial Biology & Energy
    • Enzymes
    • Cell Factories
  • Agriculture
    • Precision Trait Engineering


what is biology
"A fundamentally new technology for gene construction pioneered by Codon Devices."


Leading the Way in Constructive Biology

Just as the development of recombinant DNA technology spurred a revolution in biotechnology, Codon Devices’ innovative technology in Constructive Biology™ is now driving that revolution to an entirely new level.

Constructive Biology™ represents a new era - one in which biologists can apply engineering principles to their  work.  It is made possible by Codon Devices' proprietary, industrial platform that allows the design and construction of genetic sequences quickly, inexpensively, and at virtually unlimited lengths. As the leader in this transformative field, Codon Devices is redefining the possibilities of biological research across a range of applications, from engineered molecular biology products, to pharmaceutical libraries and engineered therapeutics, to development of rapid response vaccines, to precision trait engineering in agriculture.

Codon Devices is the Constructive Biology Company

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Press Releases

June 25, 2007
Codon Devices Signs Distribution Agreement with Open Biosystems 

May 2, 2007
Codon Devices Named to Red Herring 100