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Science and Technology

Codon Devices’ innovative BioFAB™ platform is a powerful demonstration of Codon’s cornerstone technology in the field of genetic device engineering.  Implementing our BioFAB platform, we have produced a first-of-its-kind production facility for highly-automated and efficient design and construction of engineered genetic devices.  In addition to our BioFAB platform, we have developed foundational technology in downstream applications of Constructive Biology™, which we have leveraged for some of our more advanced product offerings.  We protect key aspects of our proprietary technology throughout the United States and other countries in patents and other forms of intellectual property.

Codon’s scientific team, with deep expertise in chemistry, biology, informatics, and automation, is committed to driving the capabilities of the BioFAB platform forward through continued innovation and invention.  By aggressively integrating and applying new platform capabilities, we are continually raising the bar on the length and size of engineered genetic devices that are commercially-producible, as well as production capacity, turnaround time and cost.  In fact, our breakthrough technology has effectively introduced Moore's Law into biological engineering: continuous and accelerating improvements in price and turnaround time, with a commensurate increase in length and complexity.

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