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Intellectual Property

Protecting our position as the front-runner in Constructive Biology is important to Codon Devices.   We aggressively pursue patent protection for most of our proprietary technology, and protect other aspects of our proprietary technology as trade secrets.   We also actively seek strategic licensing opportunities and alliances with academic institutions and other companies.

Codon Devices has an extensive patent portfolio that covers various aspects of Constructive Biology and uses of genetic constructs.  As of July 2006, Codon Devices’ patent portfolio consists of 35 patent applications and 10 issued patents in the U.S.  In addition, our portfolio includes 28 foreign patent applications and 12 issued foreign patents. 

While most of our intellectual property has been developed in-house, we also have exclusive rights to patents and technology through licenses with Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University, and the University of Wisconsin, as well as others.

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