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  • Constructed Variant Libraries
  • Constructed Operons and Operon Variant Libraries
  • Genomic Engineering


Constructed Operons and Operon
Variant Libraries

Codon Devices offers biosynthetic pathways containing multiple genes and other functional motifs for applications such as metabolic engineering. Based on our patented ability to produce sequences of unprecedented lengths, our constructed operon products include sequences of up to 100 kilobase pairs or more.

All genes are delivered as sequence verified clones in E. coli glycerol stock. Every clone is sequence verified using state-of-the-art sequencing technology.

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Operon variant libraries
Codon Devices offers operon variant libraries for screening and selection in metabolic engineering. Applications include the testing of multiple promoters, terminators, genes from different families, gene order, codon optimization, and message half life.

Using our patented technology, we design, synthesize, and reuse functional modules across multiple operons, significantly reducing cost and turn-around time. Customers can choose to have individual modules only sequenced (for greater savings), or final constructs can be sequenced.

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