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Constructed Variant Libraries

Sequence validated variant libraries
Many protein-engineering approaches, including alanine scanning, affinity maturation, and optimization of constructs for structural studies, require multiple variants of a gene. Creating these variants with traditional methods is costly and slow.

Codon Devices uses proprietary technology to create variant libraries rapidly and at low cost...for many customers, this means fast delivery and price reductions as great as four-fold. In fact, because variant libraries contain highly homologous gene sequences, we can reuse starting materials and reduce the risk of synthesis failure. Further, our technology is not limited to degenerate oligos like traditional methods.

All genes are delivered as sequence verified clones in E. coli glycerol stock. Every clone is sequence verified using state-of-the-art sequencing technology.

Error corrected libraries
For applications with inexpensive screens, Codon can provide a library of individual transformants (same as above except not sequenced), or a set of individual PCR products (same as above except not cloned and transformed). With our patented technology, we are able to offer a price reduction of up to ten-fold, and turn-around time as short as two weeks.

High density library pools
For high-throughput screening and selection applications such as protein engineering, Codon can deliver very large libraries of defined sequences, with up to 1013 unique members per library.

This is a unique offering in the market. Traditional methods to generate libraries of this size rely on random mutagenesis or on random mixtures of nucleotides. Codon uses patented technology to specify precisely what sequences will be present, and does not have to rely on random techniques such as degenerate nucleotides to generate diversity.


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