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Codon Devices Names Michael J. Fitzpatrick Vice President, Sales

Industry leader hires experienced sales executive to accelerate growth

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Codon Devices, the first venture-backed company in the emerging field of synthetic biology, announced today that it has named Michael J. Fitzpatrick Vice President, Sales. Previously, Mr. Fitzpatrick was a Vice President and sales executive at Applied Biosystems (AB).

Mr. Fitzpatrick held multiple executive sales roles at AB, including Vice President of Global Key Accounts, Vice President of Sales and Support for the Molecular Biology Division and Vice President, The Americas. He was accountable for as much as $1.1 billion of revenue and a global customer base across academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical market segments.

As the first sales executive at Codon Devices, Mr. Fitzpatrick will be responsible for refining go-to-market strategy, establishing commercial processes and deploying field-based and distributor organizations. Mr. Fitzpatrick will report to President and CEO John P. Danner.

Mr. Danner said: "Mike has built a career simultaneously creating successful businesses while maintaining the highest standards in customer service. I am extremely pleased to have him join Codon Devices to lead our commercialization. In order to professionally serve rapidly growing demand across multiple market segments, it is critical that Codon Devices establish a world-class sales and customer service capability."

Mr. Fitzpatrick commented, "Synthetic biology will drive widespread change across many markets in life sciences and beyond. Codon Devices is extremely well positioned to make the promise of synthetic biology a reality. I could not be more excited about joining such a talented team."

About Codon Devices
Codon Devices, based in Cambridge, MA, was founded in 2004 to pioneer commercial applications of Synthetic Biology. In June, 2005, Codon Devices raised $13M in a Series A financing involving Flagship Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Alloy Ventures, and Mr. Vinod Khosla. Codon Devices' distinguished founding scientific advisory board (SAB) is comprised of top scientists in the field, including Chairman George Church, Harvard Medical School, David Baker, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at the University of Washington; Jim Collins, Boston University; Michael Elowitz, California Institute of Technology; Drew Endy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Michael Hunkapiller, Alloy Ventures; Joseph Jacobson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jay Keasling, UC Berkeley; Paul Modrich, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at Duke University; Christina Smolke, California Institute of Technology; Ron Weiss, Princeton University; and David Liu, Harvard University.

Codon Devices' proprietary BioFABproduction platform is expected to enable large-scale biological research; engineered cells that produce novel pharmaceuticals; improved vaccines; agricultural products; and biorefineries for the production of industrial chemicals and energy. The BioFABplatform is expected to accurately synthesize kilobase- to megabase-length genetic code orders of magnitude more rapidly and less expensively than currently available technology. The company has internally developed and licensed-in intellectual property related to the efficient synthesis of DNA code. In addition, Codon Devices has developed proprietary designs and production processes related to the BioFAB. The company's early commercial focus is on providing engineered devices for molecular biology research and engineered biotherapeutics.

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