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Codon Devices, Inc. Privacy Policy


Codon Devices, Inc. is serious about protecting the privacy of its customers and the confidentiality of their information.  Codon Devices maintains a strict privacy policy and will limit the dissemination of your company’s information, including sequence information and employee names, to our employees and consultants who have signed confidentiality agreements and have a need to access such information.  Such information will be only used to provide you with a price quotation, or to provide you with the services and products you request in your purchase order.  

To manage the internal flow of your company’s information, Codon Devices has implemented a multi-layered Information Flow Management Policy that includes, among others, the following controls: written Confidentiality Agreements with all employees and consultants, mechanisms for restricting access to the information to only those employees who are working on the services and products requested, mechanisms for restricting access to Codon Devices’ intranet, a written e-mail usage policy, an automatic confidentiality warnings on all electronic communications, and an on-site lock box for sensitive documents held for shredding. 

Except as noted above, the only situations in which we may disclose your company’s information is when we (i) are required to do so by applicable law, regulation or bona fide legal process; (ii) have reason to believe that such information is related to an actual or intended illegal activity, such as the commission of an act of terrorism; or (iii) have reason to believe that the failure to share such information will result in harm to any individual or to the environment.  In each case, we will share your company’s information only with the appropriate government or legal authorities.  We will never share your company’s information with any of our other customers.


All of Codon Devices’ data systems are protected from physical and electronic intrusion.  Access to our central server is limited by both keyed and electronic password entry and we protect our network using secure and up-to-date firewall and antivirus technology.  Codon Devices uses encryption technology to electronically receive and disclose sensitive information.  Codon Devices uses a sophisticated tracking procedure to monitor the status of your company’s project from inquiry to delivery.  We have engaged a 24-hour on-call service provider to respond to any reports of trouble or outages experienced with the network.