Stop cloning genes
Our proprietary BioFAB™ technology enables the industrial scale design and construction of genetic sequences inexpensively, quickly, and reliably. So much more cost-effective than classical, labor-intensive cloning techniques, Codon Devices' Cloning Outsource Partnerships can dramatically improve your lab's productivity.

Engineer any DNA construct
The BioFAB™ platform enables design and construction of genetic sequences of unprecedented length and complexity. Genetic devices containing multiple genes, or even entire pathways, are now possible, 100% sequence-verified. Click here to learn about "The Biggest DNA Ever Made."

Discover the optimal protein
Codon Devices' proprietary design and assay capabilities form an integrated technology platform which enables the design, manufacture, testing and optimization of genetic constructs for improved function. Partner with Codon Devices to discover the protein with optimal properties such as yield, affinity, stability, catalytic efficiency or immunogenicity.