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Precision trait engineering.   Enhance plant genetic traits by engineering at the kilobase- to megabase-scale—more efficiently than traditional breeding. 

Many important crop traits, such as yield and resistance to drought, are genetically encoded.  Improvement of such traits for maximum performance typically involves mutagenesis and breeding, both of which are uncertain and require significant time.  Codon Devices' ability to generate a precise set of variants allows diversity to be generated rationally and decreases dramatically the time required to reach trait improvement objectives.

For example, large artificial chromosomes carrying one or more traits can be constructed in bacteria or other convenient hosts, validated, and provided directly for plant transformation work.  Molecular breeding of any complexity can be precisely carried out using Codon's BioFAB™ platform.  This dramatically shortens time to accomplish certain types of breeding and saves screening costs in identifying a particular genotype of progeny.

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