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  • Molecular Biology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Biotechnology & Bio-Energy
  • Agriculture


Molecular Biology

Building and utilizing genetic constructs is the core of molecular biology, and is key to important efforts to develop vaccines and other medical advances. Codon Devices' technology revolutionizes the field in two critical ways.

Basic Research.  Construct comprehensive sets of genetic reagents for basic research and development.

Codon Devices accelerates research by producing DNA constructs far more rapidly and cost-effectively than traditional practices such as cloning, PCR rescue, and site-directed mutagenesis. 

Structural/Functional Genomics.  Construct codon optimized, expression-ready clones and designed variants for protein studies.

Since Codon's technology does not require a starting DNA template, it is now possible to construct difficult-to-obtain and entirely new genetic material. For structural and functional genomics, protein-coding genes can be codon-optimized to adjust translational efficiency, normalize GC content, alter mRNA secondary structure, or genetically encode other information without altering the proteins' amino acid sequences. Entire vectors can be synthesized, and constructs comprising a vector and one or more functional components can be directly built as needed, eliminating time-consuming subcloning and validation steps.

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